Intercon Chemical Partners with Concordance, a Prison Re-Entry Program

AUGUST 16, 2022 – ST. LOUIS, MO – Concordance announced today that Intercon Chemical has partnered with the Concordance Employment Agency as a hiring partner. The Concordance Employment Agency is a division of Concordance, a nonprofit working to end the cycle of reincarceration, and is an alternative staffing agency with the dual mission of delivering staffing services while supporting justice-involved individuals find family sustaining employment.

“We are thrilled to welcome Intercon Chemical as a hiring partner,” said Michelle Smith, President and Chief Operating Officer of Concordance. “Their passion for our mission and commitment to providing justice-involved individuals with their first real chance at success and a pathway to middle-class income will have a ripple effect not only on our participants, but also on their families and their communities.”

Concordance hiring partners cite that Concordance associates are as good or better than individuals they are able to find through other sources of labor, and with a 71 percent employment retention rate after 90 days, this have proven true. As an alternative staffing agency, the Concordance Employment Agency provides the necessary resources to facilitate participant success, like our EAP-style wrap around services which support Concordance associates to ensure partners’ performance meets their rigorous standards and offers a flexible approach that allows partners to add to their teams with confidence.

“Intercon Chemical is pleased to announce our alliance with Concordance to bring motivated new teammates to our company, while helping to fulfill our commitment to make St. Louis and our region a better community for all citizens,” said Jim Epstein, President of Intercon Chemical Company. “Partnering with Concordance allows us to positively impact adults in our communities to offer a fresh start, ultimately making St. Louis a safer, more inclusive, and vibrant place to live and work.”

“Intercon Chemical has welcomed Concordance associates into their organization with open arms,” said Tom Grant, SVP, Head of the Concordance Employment Agency. “We are thoughtful about the types of environments that allow Concordance associates to be successful in the workplace and Intercon has not only helped to foster this type of environment, but has also created new systems to allow associates to thrive. We look forward to seeing this partnership grow!”

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