Our Re-Entry Model

Concordance is unlike other models that support individuals returning from prison. We focus first on helping individuals heal from past trauma, and we offer the first set of holistic, integrated, and evidence-informed re-entry services in the country. These services are delivered in phases beginning six months pre-release and continuing one year after release.

Six Months

Pre-Release Services

Each participant completes an assessment and receives weekly individual and group programming with therapists and career educators. They create a life plan, receive pro bono legal services, and are introduced to 12-step programming.

First Two Days

The Landing

Participants can begin programming the day after leaving prison. The first two days — “the landing” — is orientation. Participants complete a bio-psycho-social assessment, meet their support team, and receive community-oriented transitional support services.

Six Weeks

Intensive Outpatient Services

Participants enter intensive full-day programming where they attend individual and group sessions with therapists, case managers, and career educators. They also receive NCRC education and job readiness training.

14 Weeks

Workplace Simulation and Part-Time Employment

Participants learn hard and soft skills, trade skills, and digital literacy through workplace simulation and job readiness training. They then begin part-time work through the Concordance Employment Agency while continuing mental and behavioral health treatment.

21 Weeks

Full-Time Employment

Participants are employed full time for the next 21 weeks through the Concordance Employment Agency. They continue to meet weekly with their case manager and therapist for ongoing job coaching and career support.

Graduation From the Program

Upon completion of the program, participants are celebrated and honored at an annual graduation ceremony. Continued resources and support include career counseling, clinical after care, and housing assistance. Alumni are encouraged to participate in volunteer and mentoring opportunities and invited to Concordance monthly family dinners.

Our 12 Essential Services

Each participant receives a bio-psycho-social assessment and creates a life plan that focuses on the following areas: behavioral health and wellness, education and employment, and community and life skills.

Explore the 12 essential services below to see how we provide holistic support to our participants.

Behavioral Health & Wellness

Cognitive Therapy

Therapy focused on changing behavior and gaining positive relational skills.

Mental Health Treatment

Therapy addressing mental and behavioral health issues.

Substance Use Treatment

Intensive outpatient program with ongoing access to support and residential treatment at Concordance House.

Physical Health

Access to physicians, dentists, optometrists, and prescription medication in partnership with Federally Qualified Health Centers.

We’ve reduced the reincarceration rate among our participants in St. Louis by


Graduate Spotlight

See how the success of our graduates is helping to transform their lives, their families and their communities.

Meet Jimmy

Participant Story

Navigating life after prison can be daunting. But Jimmy was willing to try anything positive to avoid going back.

Meet Yvonne

Participant Story

For participant Yvonne, breaking the cycle of reincarceration started with believing that it’s never too late to change.

Concordance Employment Agency

We partner with numerous employers to match participants with part and full-time employment in retail, food service, and light industrial roles.

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Your Support Will Change Lives

Investing in Concordance will directly influence the trajectory of our participants’ lives, creating a ripple of positive change through their families and communities.