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The Concordance Employment Agency team is here to ensure that your employment is a good one. Below you will find your associate portal to log in and record your time as well as job success tips and testimonials from Concordance associates who have come before you.

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Pay & Time Entry

Enter your time, download pay stubs, and more.

Job Success Tips

We have included helpful resources for our Concordance Associates throughout their employment. Click on each of the buttons below to see the articles listed for each section. If you would like to know more about a topic, please email your career coach here.

Making a Good Impression on the Job

  1. Be on time to work each day. 15 minutes early is even better—it shows you are eager to work.
  2. Leave for break and lunch on time and return on time. It shows you are dependable.
  3. Leave a little bit late at the end of the day. It shows you are hardworking.
  4. Listen carefully, follow directions, and ask questions when you need help. It shows you care about your work.
  5. Work carefully and take pride in doing the best you can. It shows you would be a good person to promote to jobs with more responsibilities.
  6. Accept constructive criticism—and try to learn from it instead of getting upset.
  7. Be friendly and considerate of others. Stay away from those who are not.
  8. If you decide to quit your job, be sure to give at least two weeks notice. It shows you are responsible.

Source: Minnesota Correctional Industries Employ Program



Concordance Alumnus

“Concordance is a great organization to be a part of. They helped me get reacquainted with the real world. They helped me in job training and counseling. They gave me mentorship that made me feel a part of a family, and they still do. Concordance saw the potential in me and gave me the chance to excel in all aspects of life. They continue to reach out and help me as an alumnus of the program. They consistently send me offers and let me know that they are there for me at all times. I really appreciate Concordance. Without them, I may have ended up back behind bars.”


Concordance Alumnus

“I am a graduate of Concordance. What I experienced with them…they are very helpful in progressing your future. Concordance assisted me in employment with a major employer in St. Louis. The workplace simulation helped to reacquaint me on how to communicate with my co-workers and supervisors, what safety means in the workplace, and how to fill out an application. The work experience, starting with part-time and graduating to full-time, helped prepare me to ensure I could become a productive citizen. The Concordance work experience taught me about being on time, how to work as a team, and what it takes to meet company productivity goals. If you’re willing to change for a better future for yourself – financially, spiritually, and everything else that is needed, I highly recommend Concordance.”

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