Hiring Partner Resources

At Concordance, our hiring partners enjoy access to a qualified pool of associates who are set up for success from day one. Our EAP-style program supports our associates’ transition to the workforce, which brings unique benefits for the companies we work with.

Key benefits you can expect if you partner with us.

Reliable, diverse talent pool

We support your organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion goals in both the community and workforce.


Our associates meet rigorous pre- and post-employment program requirements to maximize the likelihood for success.

Support for Associates

Our EAP-style wraparound services support associates to ensure your performance standards are continuously met.

Financial benefits

Work Opportunity Tax Credits upon associate’s conversion to your payroll.

unique services

We offer services you can’t find anywhere else at a competitive market price.

Proof that second chance hiring works

Johns Hopkins

Over 15 years ago, Johns Hopkins began selectively hiring people with criminal records. A 5-year study of nearly 500 hires with criminal records showed those with criminal records experienced lower turnover than traditional hires in the first 40 months.


US Military

Sociologists followed 1.3 million enlistees with and without felony records for six years; those with a felony conviction were over 32% more likely to achieve the rank of sergeant or higher, and pay grade increases for this group was also clearly faster.



At Total Wine & More, the average first-year turnover rate for hires with criminal records was more than 12 percent lower than for traditional hires. Additionally, Electronic Recyclers International reduced its turnover rates by more than half by hiring people with criminal records.


Proof that Concordance Employment Agency works

work simulation completion


Once participants complete the intensive outpatient phase of Concordance programming, participants begin 40 hours of workplace simulation training to prepare them for part-time employment.

Job placement rate


Once a participant completes workplace simulation training, the Concordance Employment Agency places them into employment with one of several Concordance hiring partners.

90-day retention rate


Concordance’s hiring partners have all said that the 90-day retention rate among Concordance associates at their sites is as good or better than what they can find through other sources of labor.

Want to be a hiring partner? Here is what we ask of you:

We are thoughtful about the types of workplace environments that allow participants to assimilate to work. Successful placements depend on a good balance between a well prepared associate and the right opportunity. Participants begin with part-time employment and continue to hone their skills into full-time roles, so we ask our hiring partners to meet a few guidelines.

“Now” Level Jobs

Job Characteristics
  • Are inclusive in that they hire individuals with criminal records and provide a welcoming environment
  • Pay a living wage that allows participants to meet their essential needs
  • Have limited training requirements that can be replicated in our 40-hour workplace simulation
  • Provide a consistent demand for labor to support job placements for multiple participants to accommodate on-site career coaching
Operational Requirements
  • Offer a part-time to full-time employment experience aligned with their programming at Concordance
  • Attend supervisor orientation
  • Provide bi-weekly performance feedback
  • Allow Concordance, as the employer of record, to pull associates from work to support healing, as needed

Headshot of Jackie Tischler

Jackie Tischler

SVP Chief People Officer, BJC Healthcare

“We have found that participants bring an extreme commitment to wanting to work hard, to do better for their families and for themselves…to have that first chance at a different future.”

Resources and Tools

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