Concordance Healing, Equity, Hope Gala

Thursday, November 18, 2021
Virtual – 6:00pm – 6:45pm CT

Successful re-entry starts with healing. Since Concordance’s founding in 2015, we have enrolled over 950 participants and reduced the reincarceration rates among our participants by 45%. As our participant’s lives change, there is a ripple effect throughout the community. Families are reunited, food security is achieved, jobs are secured, stable housing is obtained, and communities are healed. With results verified by NORC at the University of Chicago, Concordance is working to end the devastating cycle of reincarceration, and with your support, we can do just that.

Thank you for joining us for the Concordance Healing, Equity, Hope Gala where we honored our First Chance Award recipients, John W. Thompson, Venture Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, and BJC HealthCare. Our inaugural First Chance Award was given to two honorees – an organization and an individual – who are champions of racial equity. Our honorees are committed to making their community a better, more equitable place for all and provide a real first chance to those who were not given one at birth.

First Chance Award Honorees

Corporate Honoree – BJC HealthCare

BJC HealthCare is one of the largest nonprofit health care organizations in the United States and is focused on delivering services to residents primarily in the greater St. Louis, southern Illinois, and southeast Missouri regions. One of the largest private employers in the state of Missouri, BJC serves the health care needs of urban, suburban, and rural communities and includes 15 hospitals and multiple community health locations. As a nonprofit health care organization, BJC is the largest provider of charity care, unreimbursed care, and community benefit in Missouri, providing approximately $800 million in financial assistance, education of health professionals, safety net services, and community outreach programs in 2020.

Individual Honoree – John W. Thompson

John Thompson is a Venture Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners and the lead independent director of Microsoft and Chair of the Board of Illumina. John has 50+ years of enterprise leadership and entrepreneurial experience, including IBM, Symantec, and Virtual Instruments. In addition to Seismic, John also currently serves as either an advisor or board member with Rubrik, Inxeption, and a number of Lightspeed portfolio companies.

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